Design & Engineering

Klarm has a professional engineering team to design molds for customers, which has combined experience in plenty of years in using state-of-the-art software, including latest solid modeling programs from Pro/E, UG, Solidworks and Inventor to design and control dimension tolerance of each mould and provide detailed documents.

All engineering staff have rich experience in developing plenty of different injection mold technologies to provide creative design & mould technical solutions to client's most challenging moulding or production issues.

Even our mold designers are experienced in resin properties and mould structure, before designing begins, they still will do moldflow analysis and join a technical meeting for every mould with tool workshop & molding department to avoid possible manufacturing problem & trouble shoot, which guarantees high quality & short lead-time.

Based on our experiences and profession, we are able to predict the potential risks and come up with optimized solutions, finally provide DFM reports to customers for review.


Mold Flow Analysis

Our engineering team with the help of CAE software along with our rich experience of thousands of moulded parts offers a helpful link to achieve goal of manufacturing quality products with lowest costs & shortest lead time.

Our experienced engineers will analyse mould filling, cooling & deformation for each part during mold design along with scientific validating chief steps to get client's products a success by designing and building right at the first time.

Each molded plastic part must run smoothly through part design, tool building, tryouts, manufacturing, assembly, field applications, and over the life of products. Cooling time of mould is an important element in the entire cycle time, which becomes critical to run cooling analysis of each tooling to reduce global cooling time & cycle time which will affect profit directly.

Moldflow analysis of designing stage will help avoiding the potential risks for runner, which will save time and cost for customers.


Project Management

Successful project management plays a crucial role in the success of quality injection moulds to guarantee on-time delivery, ensure client's project is produced to their standards and requests and anything communicated in a timely and clear way.

An experienced project Engineer that has solid knowledge in plastic moulds and injection moulding will be appointed for every project to be in charge of the whole project until mold is finally delivered to customers.

Our project engineers are responsible for following up mold schedule and report to client on any issue and project progress, and guarantee that client's technical requirements are satisfied.


Rapid Prototyping

Klarm can build rapid prototypes based on low production molds to make real injection molded parts for functional test & marketing.

The low production mould's core and cavity will be made from P20 or S50C soft mold steel. Once it's built, we will integrate it with our current master base to produce parts, which reduces both cost & timing for mould making and serves as bridge tooling to fill manufacturing gap for production mould.

We understand the need of design change sometimes, that's why we choose steel for the trial molds. With aluminium moulds, making modification will be a totally painful process. With our client's revised files, we are able to rework the steel moulds in hours. Usually, the prototype molds will be completed and molded samples output within 7-15 days .

If prototyping parts need to be more urgent, we will make them via CNC machining. CNC machined prototypes can be used to test the function and appearance, with different surface finish and intensity from real molded parts.