Large-scale Automotive Molds

As a professional injection mold toolmaker in China, We have solid and rich experience in producing large-size injection molds for automotive parts, such as head lamp, grill, grip assy, air tank, fuel pump, rearview, etc.

For mould production, larger dimensions demand higher surface quality. But we know how to design gating system to balance the entire resin liquidity, low injection pressure and clamping force as far as possible, and how to prevent the shrink mark when local wall thickness is uneven and adjust mold temperature to control the whole shrinkage.

When advanced 2D & 3D software are used to design mold, the most proper machining equipment and processes will be selected in order to get excellent mould body. What's more, to meet different machining and life of the mould request, high quality mold steels are used to build various parts of mould.

From design to manufacturing, fabrication to installation, our in-house facilities provide all kinds of necessary elements to meet the client's demands, with one complete online project management service to match.


Hot Runner Stack Moulds

Stack Molds are a group of moulding faces stacked together to form several levels or faces for moulding. Each face or level is a parting line and manufactures molded part.

The advantage of stack molding is to boost the output of a given molding machine and operation. Special machine considerations are required to run stack moulds, but our technical team are well versed in providing guidelines and recommendations to ensure success when adopting a stack mould plan.

Klarm Mould has rich experiences in stack mould manufacturing and guarantee mould life with 10 million shots by good cooling system and accurate part weight control for each cavity.

We provide stack moulds in 2, 3 or 4 levels configurations according to product designs and required quantity. Moulds can also be converted from 2 to 3 or 3 to 4 levels when volumes increase.

In lots of cases, products with big projected area can be converted in a stack mould configuration to double the molding output.


Gas-assisted Injection Molds

Klarm Mould provides latest gas-assisted technology for different injection moulds, normally applicable for products in which there are uneven thick and thin sections.

The advantages of the gas-assist injection moulds is providing the lighter weights of final products, less shrinkage of the plastic surface, less in-mold pressure, less power consumption and less part internal stress comparing to conventional molding process.

We will offer diverse gas-assisted injection molding technologies according to various part designs, including short-shot molding, full-shot molding and full-shot molding with overspill.

Our successful gas-assisted technologies have been applied for cased like thick wall auto handle molds, hollow car lamp molds, chair moulds and other medical molds. The mould equipped with gas-assist technology brings new products quicker and cheaper than the conventional injection moulding.


Two-color Bi-injection Moulds

Klarm Mould can design and manufacture a wide range of double color moulds. In most cases, double color injection moulds need to work closely with rotary two color injection moulding equipment.

This type of mould has specially designed runner system that makes sure the plastic flow easily into cavities. Our double color moulds are suitable for different materials, such as silicone, NBR, HNBR, etc.

Bi-injection mould with the rotation system makes the molding of dual-color products fast and simply. We have some bi-injection molding machines in our workshop to offer bi-injection moulding service to customers.