Injection Mold Manufacturer

As a professional maker of high precision plastic injection molds in China, we offer trouble-free, efficient production at highly competitive prices to support hundreds of customers all over the world to win more and more business opportunities.

With the help of a team of skilled engineers and well trained technicians, we've made different kinds of plastic injection molds fully comply to Western standards, especially the large-scale car molds, precision two-shot moulds and gas assisted molds for clients from a diverse range of industries, including automotive, household appliances, medical, telecommunications and Industrial tools.

Our mission at Klarm Mould is to develop first-rate and innovative mould solutions for global OEM challenges, using the modern machine tools, latest software along with the most creative, honest people.

Our clients have confidence that an injection mould designed, manufactured & qualified by Klarm Mould is a tooling that is suitable to be run and kept anywhere on the earth with consistency, accuracy and repeatability.


Strong Team

More Than Advanced Machines.

We think that advanced equipment is not a crucial part for a Chinese injection mold manufacturing factory. Only the right persons with good technology & practical experience may produce correct parts efficiently.

Klarm Mould has an outstanding five-people management team, which has already been engaged in plastic injection mold industry or connected fields more than 20 years. They comprehend truth of injection molding and can solve production problems immediately.

In addition, Klarm has 50 experienced and well-trained workers, most of whom have worked in the factory since it was set up. They ensure the company's success and guarantee its continuous development.

Klarm's sales team is not only good at speaking and writing in English language, but also has professional background in mechanical field. That's the reason why they could talk with clients for any engineering issue fluently.


Business Principles

Quality First.

We fully understand the vital importance of product quality for every plastic injection mould toolmaker. Accordingly, we have run a rigid quality control program on the whole production procedure. A tiny fault can't be tolerated on our parts.

Time Is Gold.

On the highly competitive planet, customers will save money if we could save production time for them. Once client places an order, manufacturing will start immediately and goods will be delivered on time. Our promise has never been broke.

As one of the reliable high precision plastic mold manufacturers that has found for 11 years, we have got the key to reach client required high quality and reduce lead time to support their business.

Each mold benefits from precise attention to guarantee quality and performance every time. Customers' success will benefit our company in return.



Our worldwide direct & indirect clients chiefly include Toyota, Volkswagen, Nissan, Midea, Tupperware, Huawei, Guangri and Gree. They are happy with our excellent services and have established a long-term business relationship with our company.

We are proud of our ability to produce molds for such a range of clients and believe what we do can add more value to life.