Image from page 128 of “Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society” (1912)

Image from page 128 of “Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society” (1912)

Some cool pipe mould maker images:

Image from page 128 of “Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society” (1912)
pipe mould maker
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Identifier: transactionsofbr35bris
Title: Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society
Year: 1912 (1910s)
Authors: Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society. cn
Subjects: Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society
Publisher: Bristol, Eng. : The Society
Contributing Library: Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
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bird in raised ornamentation,the sides of the neck of the vessel being decorated with shortraised loops, and the body covered with a conventionaldesign in low relief. In size the perfect pitcher must havestood at least 14 to 16 in. in height (see illustrations). The Norman potters were certainly very original in theirwork, and the fragments, which are pieced together as far aspossible, show much quaintness in design. I do not remembera vessel in any of the London or provincial museums at allsimilar. Many other fragments were found of early mediaevalpottery, including a darkgreen glazed head forming the mask lip of yet anotherpitcher. It is a curiously boldpiece of moulding and veryecclesiastical in character, forthe head is depicted wearinga tonsure (see illustration). We naturally wonder if theartist – potter modelled thesevessels to order, or if theywere the working of his ownfertile brain ; and also inwhat houses in this Norman town they were in use beforegetting so badly smashed.

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too < Transactions for the Year 1912. A fragment of a fourteenth or a fifteenth-century inlaidpavement tile, doubtless thrown out from one of the old city•churches, and the following various items, all came to handfrom another rubbish pit:— A seventeenth-century iron stirrup. An iron bullet, ^-in. diameter. Two clay tobacco pipes bearing the initials N.M.on the heels, which is a makers mark not previouslyrecorded. A Gloucester Traders Token, bearing on the obverse : LVKE . NOVRSE . MAIOR . 1657 1 = C. G. (City of Gloucester). A small R the initial of Thomas -Rawlins the engraver, beneath the letters. On the reverse : for . necessary . CHANGE=Armsof the City of Gloucester ; three chevrons betweenten torteaux. The issuer of this token was Mayor of the City in 1644,the same year in which Toby Jordan (one of the messengerswho carried the answer of the citizens to King Charles Iin Tredworth Field, when he summoned the city tosurrender) was Sheriff. Luke Nourse was elected Mayoragain

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Bristol trade directory 1871 – Dress makers & Milliners
pipe mould maker
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Millinery and dressmaking constituted the higher end of female employment with the needle; they were "respectable" occupations for young women from middle-class or lower middle-class families. The number of women involved in dressmaking alone in the early 1840s was estimated to be 15,000.

Bristol Dress Makers

Allen Mrs. 55 St. Michael’s hill
Baker M. 54 Bellevue crescent
Ball Miss, Regent street
Beard L. E. 25 Thrissell street
Beer Harriet, 53 Mead street
Bethell Mrs. Redcliff hill
Bruton H. 39 Triangle
Butcher C. 1 Redcross street
Butcher H. and A. 16 Orchard street
Canning Miss M. 35 College street
Cantle Mrs. 2 Lansdown terrace
Carpenter A. 13 College street
Cawless Miss, 28 Trinity street
Chedzoy and Allen, 7 Picton street
Cole Ann, 3 Upper Wells street
Cole Mrs. 10 Alfred place
Coombs Mrs. 39 Park street
Cottle Miss C. 5 Eldon place
Davey M. K. 5 Low. St. Michael’s hill
Davis Mrs. Wells street, Culver street
Davis Mrs. 6 Ellenborough place
Downs Miss C. 45 Woolcott buildings
Ellis Miss. 10 Regent street, Clifton
Ellison Mrs. 6 St. James’s square
Fairbrother Mrs. Tankard’s close
Farrow Miss H. 1 Cotham side
Felton Ann, Lower Castle street
Ferguson M. 4 Alfred place, Kingsdown
Ford Miss, Portland Place
Gallo M. 9 Grove p ace, Redland
Gast 21 South place, New river
Gillard E. 18 Denbigh street
Gitson Mrs. 5 Castle green
Griffin Mrs. 15 Dove street
Gummer Mrs L. 7 Cheltenham bldgs
Hanson Mrs. Kinburn cottage, Belgrave rd
Harper E. Queen’s road
Harrison H. M. 33 Upper Arcade
Harvey Miss, 4 Lower Westfield place
Hay E. Terrell street
Healls Miss, 12 Horfield road
Hillier Elizabeth, Lodge street
Holesgrove Misses, 38 College green
House Mrs. Portwall lane
Howell Miss, Regent street
Hurd Miss C. 1 Waterloo street
Hyatt Mrs R. P. Upper Victoria place
Jolly and Son, 43 College green
Keel Miss, Gloster street, Clifton
Kellaway Mrs G. 12 Oakfield place, Clifton
Kernick Mrs. 27 Triangle
King Mrs J. 30 Clarence place
Lambert Mrs. Elton place
Lang Miss L. H. Portland place
Lawless Miss Harriet, Hampton place
Lewis Miss, 9 Dover place
Lewis Miss, 24 Clifton wood crescent
Michell Sarah, 3 St Andrew’s bldgs
Moody Mrs. 5 York buildings
Moore Miss, 49 Thrissell street
Morgan Miss, 47 Park street
Morgan Miss, St Michael’s hill
Moulding Miss, 12 Stokes croft
Mountsteven A. 22 The Triangle
Newman J. 24 Ninetree hill
Newman Miss, 9 Stanley terrace
Owen and Hathaway, 4 College green
Pain Miss, 24 Paul street, Kingsdown
Parsons J. 50 Bellevue crescent
Penny Miss ll Wellington terrace, Clifton
Phillips Mary Ann, 40 Milk street
Pile Mrs. 19 Osborne terrace, Totterdown
Roberts Miss, 12 Highland place
Rogers Miss, Egerton road
Sellick Miss, 3 Old park hill
Smith the Misses, 7 North street
Sollis E. and A. Lower College green
Sully F. J. Somerset street, Cathay
Spark and Tait, 32 College green
Thomas E. 21 Lower Arcade
Thomas Mary, Whitson street
Thresher Miss, 16 College green
Treadwell Mrs. 50 St. Michael’s hill
Waite Mary Ann, 5 Devonshire terrace
Ward S. and C. 3 Ruysdael place
White Paulina, 5 Somerset crescent
Whitmarsh Mrs. W. 13 Kingsdown parade
Williams Louisa, East Redcliff crescent
Windsor Mrs. 8 Sunderland terrace
Wren Misses, Totterdown

Dressmakers’ Pattern Maker

Williams David, 8 Brunswick place, Hotwells


A milliner is a hat maker. This was a very important trade in Victorian times. If you look at Victorian photographs you will find that you rarely see anyone outside without a hat.

In Victorian times ordinary working people got all their clothes locally (or made their own). The dressmakers listed here would have been kept busy.

Adams Louisa, 26 Park street
Adams Mrs. 6 Cumberland street
Allen Misses, 1 Bedford view
Avins Mrs. Oxford street, Totterdown
Bailey Mrs. 3 Ninetree hill
Baker Mrs. 34 The Triangle
Barnes Miss, 20 Thomas street
Bartlett R. C. 58 Redcliff street
Bartley Mrs. 33 Paul street
Bendall Mrs E. George st. Bedminster
Bolwell T. 21 Redcliff street
Bolwell Thomas, 4 Peter street
Bond Mrs. 9 Hampton terrace, Totterdown
Bond Mrs. Lower Clifton hill
Bound E. 1 Union street
Carter Elizabeth, 11 East Redcliff crescent
Choffin Mrs. 35 Upper Arcade
Clarke Alfred, 4 Old King street
Coombs & Morgan, 17 Harford street
Coombs Mrs, 39 Park street
Cooper Elizabeth, 29 Lower Arcade
Davis Mrs, 28 St Michael’s hill
Dimond M. 15 Bedminster causeway
Dowell J. H. 67 West street
Drinkwater and Son, 6 High street
Duck Mrs, 124 Thomas street
Dunn Mrs. Pipe lane, St Augustine’s
Edmonds Mrs. 12 Alfred place
Floyd Mrs. 1 Lower Arcade
Gibbs Mrs. 5 Elton place
Gibson Hannah, 11 Rosemont terrace
Gravell E. 2 Clarence road
Gray and Co. 28 Wine street
Harris Mrs Charles, Denmark house, Wells road
Harvey Miss, 4 Lower Westfield place
Harvey Mrs. 25 Elton place
Hatherley E. & M. 23 Cumberland st
Heall G. 1 John street, Easton
Heard William, 3 Upper Arcade
Hill Miss, 6 Upper Maudlin street
Holesgrove the Misses, 38 College green
Hooper M. A../19 Broadmead
Hooper Miss, Wellillgton place
Houston and Burgess, 28 The Triangle
Howell Mrs R. 9 Spring st. Bedminster
Humphries Miss M. King square avenue
Hutton Mrs. 8 Dover place
Iles Mrs. Egerton road
Jennings Miss, 6 Stoke’s croft
Jolly and Son, 43 College green
Jones A. and M. 3 Claremont buildings
Jones Misses, 25 The Triangle
Kernick Miss, 24 The Triangle
Kittyle Misses, 5 St Michael’s park
Lapworth Miss, Shortgrove, Durdham down
Lasbury S. 3 Orchard st. St. Philip’s
Lee Mrs. Paul street
Lee Mrs. Abbotsham place
Levy Miss, 3 Bridge street
Lilly S. & M. 3 Osborne terrace, Totterdown
Light L. 18 Upper Arcade
Linklater T. 129 Whiteladies road
Lodge J. and Co. .49 Wine street
Loosemoore Misses, 7 Unity street
Lucas Miss, Mansion house avenue
Maggs Mrs. F. 39 Castle street
Maishman A. T. 11 and 12 Wine street
Marshall Mrs. 10 Norfolk street
Martin Miss, Royal Prom. Queen’s rd.
May Miss R. Shortgrove, Durdham down
Meek Mrs. The Triangle, West
Mitchener Mrs. 8 Gloster street
Morgan Miss, 1 St. Michael’s hill
Naish Jane, 1 St. James’s parade
Newman Miss Julia Ann, Ninetree hill
Oxley Mrs. 4 Granby place
Pope Mrs. St Augustine’s place
Prestidge Miss, 30 Montague hill
Richards Mrs. 12 Mall place
Roberts Mrs. 12 Highland place
Rogers Mary, 5 Raglan place
Saunders John Edwin, 17 Castle street
Simpson Miss, 55 Park street
Skewes Mary Ann, 9 Devonshire terrace
Slade Eliza and Ann, Surrey street
Slade Misses, 59 Park st
Smith Mesdames, 7 North street
Smith Misses, 33 Park street
Sowden Miss, 7 Wellington place
Stone Miss E. L. 9 Prince st, St Paul’s
Sullivan Mrs. Anjer’s rd, Totterdown
Sully Miss, 3 Hanmer’s buildings
Summers Mrs M. 83 Redcliff street
Sydenham Mrs J. 112 Wellesley place
Symes Miss, 3 Manor buildings
Tarver Miss, Garibaldi bldgs, Knowle
Taylor J. F. 34 College green
Tennell A. A. Portland street
Tovey M. and F. Stapleton road
Tripp Miss Sarah, 45 Whiteladies road
Turner H. 22 Lower Arcade
Voisey and Healls, 3 Dover place
Wainwright Miss, 10 Orchard street
Wall M. A. 9 St. James’s churchyard
Watson Mrs. 19 Meridian place
Wayland Miss, 19 Lower Arcade
Webb and Thomas, 10 Redcliff hill
Wellington E. 77 Stoke’s croft
Weston Stephen, 34 Wine street
Westbury Mrs. 16 Southampton par.
Willey and Davis, 2 Clifton place, Clifton
Williams Mrs M. 18 Camden terrace
Windsor Mrs. 8 Sunderland terrace
Wyatt Mrs. 16 Paul street, Portland sq
York Mrs. Ann, 12 St. Michael’s hill

Newman Industries Ltd, Yate, Bristol.

Newman Industries Ltd, Yate, Bristol.

Some cool double injection mould items images:

Newman Industries Ltd, Yate, Bristol.
double injection mould products
Image by brizzle born and bred
Before Planet War II, Yate had an aircraft manufacturing sector (Parnall). In the course of Globe War II, Parnall specialized in producing gun turrets. A quantity of people had been killed in raids by the Luftwaffe on the factory in February and March 1941.

Electrical and Mechanical Engineers of Bristol

• 1923 Company founded.

• 1936 Public business established to acquire the organization of Newman Sons and Company Ltd, Yate, Bristol.

• 1938 Share problem to cover the expenditures involved in creating a new electric motor.

• 1944 Acquired Joseph Evans and Sons of Wolverhampton, pump manufacturers.

• 1945 Newman Industries primary organization included electrical motors up to 25 h.p., steel castings specially chains and bearings, moulds and ploughshares, and electrical switchgear.

• 1948 Assigned two Government surplus factories at Grantham which would be utilised for the manufacture of tractors.

• 1960 Newman Industries was productive in exporting fan motors to the U.S.A. as a result of adapting to the new U.S. requirements which had lately been revised.

• 1961 Companies of electric motors including specialised types such as flameproof, vertical hollow shaft and close-coupled pump machine tool rebuilders and elements electronic instruments. 1,500 staff.

• 1962 Acquired Higgs Motors of Birmingham.

• 1965 Orders for specialised motors from a variety of nations in the Far East, which includes 300h.p. explosion-proof motor for a refinery and hollow-shaft motors for deep properly pumps.

• 1965 Shortage of labour and duplication of ranges amongst companies was limiting Newman’s – rationalisation of the range of motors could double Newman’s production.

• 1965 Howell Electric Motors (USA) would import electric motors from Newman’s to replace a line produced at its Michigan plant, rebadging the motors, and also import Newman’s regular motors.

• 1970 Rates and Income Board report proposed limiting price tag increase on electric motors to 4%.

• 1971 Newman took more than Wheatley (Trailers) which was changing its name to West of England Securities.

• 1971 Talks with H. W. Lindop and Sons about taking an interest in the organization.

• 1972 Acquired interest in John Harper and Co.

• 1972 Troubles in machine tool business (Newman’s largest customer) caused surprise 1st half loss.

• Purchased Court Performs from Redman Heenan International.

• 1972 Transferred Court Works to H. W. Lindop in exchange for 39.five% of its shares.

• 1973 Appointments to 7 senior management positions]: ◦ Newman Controls

◦ Versatile Drives (Gilmans)

◦ Moore Reed

◦ Newman Foundries

◦ Newman Electric Motors

◦ Continental operations

◦ Newman Industries Inc (USA)

• 1973 Bid to take-more than John Harper and Co but in the end this failed due to greater offer from Duport.

• 1973 Leroy-Somer of France acquired 20% interest in Newman Electric Motors, Newman’s overseas sales arm (except USA).

• 1974 Manufacturing venture established with Cycle and Carriage Co of Singapore producing goods for Eastern hemisphere.

• 1974 Bid to obtain remainder of Lindop Holdings.

• 1974 Thomas Poole and Gladstone (TPG), a group with the same chairman as Newman’s, acquired 11.five% of Newman Industries with further purchases in following days.

• 1975 TPG proposed to sell quoted and unquoted investments and transfer some connected liabilities to Newman’s in exchange for money but would retain its holding of 26% of Newman’s but this was opposed by Angus Murray, a non-executive director and chairman of Redman Heenan. It was also proposed that the shareholding of yet another organization in TPG should be bought by Newman’s. Numerous meetings of shareholders took place just before the obtain of assets from TPG was approved and inquiries have been raised by disclosure guidelines relating to directors’s dealings. Some institutional shareholders continued to question the deal and an independent report was obtained from Schroders.

• 1976 Sold Moore Reed to Kode International.

• 1976 Acquired most of the shares in earthenware group Alfred Clough]. Bid for remaining shares that it did not currently personal in Agar Cross and Co for which extra shares had been issued.

• 1977 Lonrho bought 19.three% of the shares in Newman’s that had been held by TPG.

• 1977 Newman’s bid for the shares in Dover Engineering that it did not already own rights situation to spend for it.

• 1978 Supply for remaining shares in Avdel International, to be paid for by a rights issue. Failed to obtain Wood and Sons.

• 1978 Newman Industries Ltd acquired Dint Engineering Group.

• 1980 Two Directors of Newman Industries were discovered to have misled shareholders in relation to the 1975 acquire of assets from TPG fine and damages to be decided later. As a outcome the chairman was dismissed. Subsequently, on appeal, 4 of the 5 verdicts have been overturned. The auditors paid compensation for error in their valuation.

• 1980 London and European Group bought stake in Newman’s. Cycle and Carriage Co (Singapore) then offered to take a controlling interest in Newman’s, by producing a money injection.

• 1982 Shares suspended

• 1983 Shares relisted.

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